Reflection on personal and professional development

Questions I answer:
  • How has this internship changed the way I think about this field?
  • In what way has my perspective changed as a result of my work at the site, my interactions with supervisors, or the culture of the organisation?
  • Have any assumptions or stereotypes been challenged?

My experience at this internship so far at Adventure Corporation has definitely changed the way I have thought about the applications of technology and product management. I never thought about the impact that the emerging technologies we are working with could have in different spaces (like music). It is amazing to see how theories and hypothesis are being put in practice and are being tested in the work that we are doing. I have seen how the entertainment and media industry has changed over time, but now see a future where AI, blockchain and AR / VR will play a huge part in transforming user experiences.

Through the research and work I have done and the amount of knowledge I have gained about these technologies, my views on the applications of technology have changed a lot. I am now more open-minded to diverse ideas and opinions, because I realise that the only limit we have in advancing different industries is our imagination and creativity. I came up with a social AI-generated music app, and even though it is hard to actually create and develop, the tools and technology are available to turn this innovative idea into a reality. With hard work, practice and experimentation, I believe that technology can be used for social good (as long as ethical considerations are kept in mind throughout the process).

Furthermore, the startup environment that I have been involved in has changed my perspective on product management and potential career paths. Before my internship, I knew a lot about the product space through work at on-campus organisations at UCLA and by talking to Product Managers in industry. However, most of my interactions were with those who had done the role in larger, more established companies. These organisations have larger teams, more resources and support. The PM role is already so diverse, but I believe at a startup, you wear a lot more hats. You take on not only more responsibilities but a more diverse set of responsibilities. You have less resources and a smaller team to work with, so building a product and growing it is much harder.

My work at the site, my interactions with the team and the founder, along with the company culture, have greatly exposed me to the startup world. Talking with the founder (who has been involved in the startup world for over a decade), I have learnt how fast moving and innovative the startup world can be. My experience and role have definitely highlighted the startup environment and being engaged in a PM role there as a possible career path. The openness, flexibility, transparency, responsibility and freedom of expression and creativity have been fantastic. My assumptions of the PM role and the differences between the startup and corporate worlds have been challenged throughout my internship. I have learnt something new or actively networked with people with similar interests (or in a similar space) every day, allowing me to engage in personal and professional development throughout my internship experience.

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