What would I change about my internship experience

Questions I answer:
  • If I had this quarter to do this internship over again, what would I have done differently?
  • What would I say to another student who was interested in this internship?

If I was to do this internship again from the start, there are a few things that I would change or do differently than I did this time. I would definitely spend more time networking with employees and other interns. Because of the remote setting and time zone difference, I did not actually get the chance to talk with everyone at the company (which is possible since there are not that many employees). I interacted mostly with people in my team and the founder but would like to interact with other teams working on other innovative projects or doing research into new technologies. This would result in more opportunities to build genuine relationships and learn more.

I would also spend more time diving deeper into the technologies and tools used. Even though I had a good understanding by the end of the internship, doing more initial work and research would have helped me accomplish more. The company provides a huge list of resources to learn about the different concepts and technologies and I would definitely spend more time reading the information carefully and ensure that I absorb it at a high level. I would also ask people for help more and mentorship. I have a habit of working hard by myself at times, without asking for help. This is a weakness of mine that I am working to improve on. Towards the end of this internship this definitely changed as I asked for help and feedback from my team and the founder. If I could do this internship again, I would ask for help whenever I need it, especially at the start of the experience, or when I am stuck on something (since everything is new to an intern).

If another student was interested in this particular internship role in product management or Adventure Corporation itself, I would tell them it is not easy. Going into a small startup, you take a lot of responsibilities on very early and there is not a lot of guidance or structure to your work (since you have so much ownership and can work on what you like or are interested in). Large companies have very structured internship programs with various events and guidelines, and this experience was the complete opposite. If you (the student) enjoy difficult challenges and problem solving, then this internship and company would be great for you. It is perfect for a student at any level of their career who wants to explore and is curious about new technologies and their applications. You definitely learn a lot along the way, both practical skills and applicable knowledge.

Furthermore, if you are interested in Adventure Corporation and not the product management intern role then that is completely fine. The organisation has plenty of roles in areas like business, data, product, software engineering and research. Whatever your interest is specifically, as long as you are eager to learn and work hard to create impact with new technologies, then you can find a place at Adventure Corporation. Also, the remote experience has been fantastic and may be a more viable option for students, especially in these tumultuous times with the COVID-19 pandemic. Overall, any students interested in the internship should definitely have or demonstrate a passion for technology and its impact.

Reflection on my internship experience

Questions I answer:
  • Has the internship gone as expected?
  • What were critical incidents for me?
  • Were there any disorienting dilemmas?
  • Has my perspective been transformed in any way through the work at this internship?
  • What problems was I able to solve during this internship?
  • What contribution did I make?
  • In what ways was I intellectually challenged?

My internship experience at Adventure Corporation has been great and exceed all my initial expectations. I got this internship to gain some PM experience but never thought I would have so much ownership and responsibility as an intern. This has been a great learning experience through all my research and work with emerging technologies that I had little knowledge of prior to the internship. Most importantly, I have engaged in a lot of personal and self development. The work I have done has been impactful and enjoyable. I have met great people at the company and in the music space. There were some very memorable times including:

  • Conceptualizing a virtual Music 3.0 innovative hackathon from scratch and organising the event (geared towards students)
  • Getting the chance to develop and start working on a brand new product that I came up with (the social AI-generated music app)
  • Talking to senior people in the music industry regarding certain products that the company was developing at the time
  • Working closely with the founder on an organizational development plan and building new marketing and product strategies going forward (especially with the COVID-19 pandemic happening)

There weren’t actually any big disorienting dilemmas. It was definitely hard working remotely from a completely different time zone, which limited internal team communication. Also, I was unfamiliar with a lot of the technologies and tools being used at the company coming in, so I had to spend a lot of time learning a lot of the basics. Besides that, everything went pretty smoothly, and I think I did a great job in handling any other issues and overcoming any obstacles that I faced along the way. As I mentioned before my perspectives on the range and impact of the applications of emerging technologies has completely changed (especially in the music industry). Also, my work through the internship exposed the nature of the startup environment and contradicted my initial assumptions on what working at a startup would be like (for the better).

As mentioned throughout the rest of my internship insights blogs, I believe that I have made a lot of contributions and impact, especially through the projects and products I have been working on. With the hackathon and the app that I have been working on, I have helped further the company’s goal of creating impact with emerging technologies. My ideas are focused all around making music creation  easier for artists and creating more diverse and multifaceted music consumption experiences for people. The music industry is going to change and have worked on improving creator-consumer experiences and generating solutions to current problems in this area, with the help of AI, blockchain and AR/VR.

I have also contributed to the development of the organisation itself, by working on growth and branding strategies with the founder, as well as ways to improve the internship program and get more bright minds involved. I was intellectually challenged throughout the internship because of all the new concepts and technologies that I had to learn about and become accustomed to. I never found any of my work easy and had to build up a lot of knowledge, sometimes spending hours reading articles and documentation online in order to finish tasks. I love solving hard problems and working on difficult challenges, so this was an enjoyable experience overall. The skills and knowledge that I have developed over my internship will definitely help me in the future, throughout my career.

Reflection on personal and professional development

Questions I answer:
  • How has this internship changed the way I think about this field?
  • In what way has my perspective changed as a result of my work at the site, my interactions with supervisors, or the culture of the organisation?
  • Have any assumptions or stereotypes been challenged?

My experience at this internship so far at Adventure Corporation has definitely changed the way I have thought about the applications of technology and product management. I never thought about the impact that the emerging technologies we are working with could have in different spaces (like music). It is amazing to see how theories and hypothesis are being put in practice and are being tested in the work that we are doing. I have seen how the entertainment and media industry has changed over time, but now see a future where AI, blockchain and AR / VR will play a huge part in transforming user experiences.

Through the research and work I have done and the amount of knowledge I have gained about these technologies, my views on the applications of technology have changed a lot. I am now more open-minded to diverse ideas and opinions, because I realise that the only limit we have in advancing different industries is our imagination and creativity. I came up with a social AI-generated music app, and even though it is hard to actually create and develop, the tools and technology are available to turn this innovative idea into a reality. With hard work, practice and experimentation, I believe that technology can be used for social good (as long as ethical considerations are kept in mind throughout the process).

Furthermore, the startup environment that I have been involved in has changed my perspective on product management and potential career paths. Before my internship, I knew a lot about the product space through work at on-campus organisations at UCLA and by talking to Product Managers in industry. However, most of my interactions were with those who had done the role in larger, more established companies. These organisations have larger teams, more resources and support. The PM role is already so diverse, but I believe at a startup, you wear a lot more hats. You take on not only more responsibilities but a more diverse set of responsibilities. You have less resources and a smaller team to work with, so building a product and growing it is much harder.

My work at the site, my interactions with the team and the founder, along with the company culture, have greatly exposed me to the startup world. Talking with the founder (who has been involved in the startup world for over a decade), I have learnt how fast moving and innovative the startup world can be. My experience and role have definitely highlighted the startup environment and being engaged in a PM role there as a possible career path. The openness, flexibility, transparency, responsibility and freedom of expression and creativity have been fantastic. My assumptions of the PM role and the differences between the startup and corporate worlds have been challenged throughout my internship. I have learnt something new or actively networked with people with similar interests (or in a similar space) every day, allowing me to engage in personal and professional development throughout my internship experience.

Relationship to Los Angeles and stakeholders

Questions I answer:
  • In what way does this organisation serve or benefit the residents of Los Angeles, or more broadly, the state of California?
  • Who benefits?
  • Is there any outreach or dissemination of work from this organisation to others in Los Angeles?
  • What would you say is the public’s opinion or impression of this organisation and the work being done?

Adventure Corporation does not directly serve or benefit residents of Los Angeles or the state of California. As a small startup, the company is still in stages of obtaining funding from VC’s and is in talks with different companies for various products based on new technologies. Since we are heading into the music space, we are creating projects and products in collaboration with various music production studios and music companies located in Los Angeles and in California. The aim is to enter the consumer market eventually, but at this stage it will be a while before the organisation releases a high quality and impactful product to the general public.

I think at this moment the people who benefit the most are the internal stakeholders and employees. As an intern, I am getting so much responsibility and freedom to work on ground-breaking products and ideas. Everyone in the organisation is definitely getting a lot of hands-on and practical experience along with deeper understandings of new technologies and their applications. Music production studios and companies also benefit because they are interested in the tools we are creating to diversify music and artist experiences.

Furthermore, I conceptualized and organized a virtual hackathon (mentioned previously) to help reach out to university students and recent graduates, in order to get them involved with innovative projects and technologies. I wanted to make it as diverse and inclusive as possible, so I came up with different tracks (business, design, blockchain, AI, AR / VR) and ensured that people without any technical knowledge could participate. I wanted to create workshops and ctutorials for various skills like HTML, CSS, React, Node, Ethereum, WebVR, WebRTC and AI. Mentorship and education were key aspects of the event, which was focused on cultivating creative, inquisitive and innovative participants. A lot of the people I reached out to were UCLA students, and other LA residents in my network. It was definitely a great idea and way to give back to Los Angeles and various communities.

Since Adventure Corporation is such a small organisation, there is not much brand awareness and not a lot of people know about us. Most of the public’s opinions or impressions of the organisation come from posts on LinkedIn that I and my team have made (since a lot of internal projects cannot be shared with the public as of now). I have actually focused a lot on networking and building genuine connections with professionals, companies, students and people with similar passions and interests over the last month. Through forming these connections and posting on LinkedIn, a lot of people have asked me about Adventure Pizza (previous name of Adventure Corporation) because they were curious about the name of the organisation and the work both it and I was doing.

Chevron logo.png

Through this I have managed to work with PMA.LA (The Product Managers Association, Los Angeles), to spread awareness about their mentorship program, which is focused on providing product resources and career guidance to students from underrepresented social and ethnic groups. This has been a great initiative and I am happy to be a part of it. Overall, I am proud of the work that I have accomplished over this summer, both within my internship and outside it, and know that both the company’s and my relationship with Los Angeles has grown in a positive manner.

Relevant technologies and future of technology in the music space

Questions I answer:
  • What technologies shape the work of this organisation?
  • What challenges or opportunities do these provide?
  • What kind of future do I see for these technologies?

Adventure Corporation is focused on using emerging technologies to create web based products, software tools and learning frameworks. These emerging technologies shape the work of the organisation and include: blockchain, cryptocurrency (tokens), augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, IoT and other web technologies. All these frontier technologies will become more prevalent as technology continues to advance and that is why we pride ourselves on being an innovative, practical and results-oriented organisation. And now, with our focus on Music 3.0 (the next generation of music), these technologies are becoming more important for us to use in ways that will revolutionize the music space. I have learnt a lot about these different technologies and their applications, and am excited to see how much impact Adventure Corporation can have by using these technologies to build innovative products.

I see a great future for these technologies through creating great opportunities for people (especially in the music space), but there will definitely be challenges along the way. As shown by the image above, Adventure Corporation wants to take user music preferences and build a social community. With the help of AI models and machine learning algorithms, all of these inputs can be taken, and new music experiences can be created and outputted. Our thesis and current mission is focused on Music 3.0 and based on the following technologies:

  • Artificial Intelligence: Use models to create new music resulting in a Cambrian explosion of content
  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency: Act as the engine for monetization, ownership and attribution
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR): Create immersive and collaborative music experiences

There are definitely a lot of challenges and opportunities that come with these technologies. The opportunities are numerous and so much can be created by using these technologies. Blockchain, artificial intelligence and AR / VR, can change music experiences, from creation to consumption, completely. It is just like how Instagram and smartphones changed the field of photography, converting amateurs into professional photographers, through developments in software and hardware. Other types of media have been disrupted and have evolved through the use of new technologies and the internet. There has been a lot of investment in developing the video space (through streaming and creating other experiences), but not a lot has been done in the music space.

I believe that the music space is going to change over the next 10 years, with the opportunities provided by the application of emerging technologies. AI has been applied in other media forms but can be used to create new music with very simple inputs from users. There won’t be a need for expensive equipment and software used by music producers now. A simple app and interest can drive music creation for anyone and make it more accessible for people who might not have the technical skills to produce music with existing tools. People’s imaginations and creativity can be converted into actual practical results, through user-generated content, based on AI-generated music. AR and VR can be used to create interactive and collaborative environments for artists and fans to enjoy and share music together. New models will emerge, especially with the rise of blockchain and cryptocurrency tokens. Songs can be treated as tokens that travel across blockchains and store important information based on user and artist preferences. This is an entirely new way of viewing and thinking about the music industry, and it can lead to new business models and standards, paving the way for a whole new subindustry.

But with all these developments and improvements comes a lot of technical challenges. These new technologies are hard to use and require a lot of training, experimentation and practice. It is hard to get specific outcomes and there will always be unseen side-effects with the advent of new applications of these technologies. These include issues surrounding the ethics of AI and the black box problem, where decisions are made by AI without humans knowing the process. New standards will have to be created along with players that can function with AI-generated music. Music token standards will have to be defined if blockchain is used, which can be difficult, as this is still a burgeoning space.

There are also social and cultural challenges that come with new applications of technology. Some people don’t like to adapt but may be forced to. For example, if music creation becomes easier, then this will result in professional artists competing with amateurs, diluting the music industry itself. So, a lot of consideration of potential impacts and prudence has to be exercised before releasing and applying these technologies. From my experiences and research, I truly believe that the music industry is going to experience a lot of change, specifically through technology, over the next decade.

Future career paths

Questions I answer:
  • What connections do I see between the work I’m currently doing and potential future career paths?
  • In what ways has my experience shaped my thoughts about the careers I am interested in pursuing?

This internship has definitely been very eye-opening and has exposed me to the field and role of a product manager. It has been a career I have wanted to pursue for a while, and my current experience has cemented my passion for the field. However, I have to say that the startup environment is not at all what I was expecting. The actual internship program is not very structured, and the flexibility allows interns to choose their responsibilities and projects for the most part. I love this because I can put all my work and effort into projects and products that I really care about and have more impact. At such a small company like Adventure Corporation (where the current team size is around 30 employees and interns), I definitely have a lot more ownership and responsibility, which I truly enjoy.

I have always wanted to work at Big Tech and other corporate companies, but know the culture is much different from working at startups. This work experience has highlighted the startup route as a potential career path, rather than working at a big company straight away (although I would still really like to gain experience at a larger company). Being a product manager at a smaller startup is definitely much different than being one at a large company, just because of the scale of the products and teams you are working with. And with these different environments comes different responsibilities and experiences.

Even with my internship solidifying my interest in product management, the variety of roles and responsibilities I have done so far has definitely exposed me to other roles and fields in the technology industry. These include data science, business analytics, strategy and design. Since product management is such an interdisciplinary field, I have had the chance to gain experience in each of these other fields, so would not be opposed to pursuing these as possible career paths. At the end of the day, I just want to be in a role that I enjoy and help to create a positive impact in communities.

Through my internship experience so far, I have understood the importance of having a growth mindset. Dedication and hard work lead to results eventually and can be a driving force for change. Hard skills are important to develop but I feel that soft skills are even more important to hone, since they play a crucial part in any job. These include teamwork, communication and leadership skills as well as building up your EQ (emotional intelligence). I am constantly asking the founder and the team questions and developing these soft skills through working cross-functionally with different people in a remote setting. I have learnt there is an art to asking powerful questions and this is what helps organisations thrive. Because innovation starts with a problem, and a problem can only be defined after asking powerful questions!

Connections with curriculum

Questions I answer:
  • What connections do I see between my work at the internship and the material I learned in the core course or the electives for the Digital Humanities minor?
  • How do research and theories match with practice?
  • What theories can be derived from practice?

I am finally working on an actual product! It is a brand new one that I came up with. I saw the company heading towards the music space and thought about a product that would be an innovative addition to this area and be based on emerging technologies. I decided to focus on developing a social AI-generated music app. After a lot of research, I managed to find and understand some open-source AI models that have been specifically trained to produce music based on certain inputs. My idea is to build on top of these models and allow the user to input even more settings (such as genre, tempo, pitch, etc.). The AI in the app will take these settings (and even other music that the user has uploaded) and create a new piece of unique music.

As of now, this is just an initial idea and I have already started conducting user research and user interviews with people from various backgrounds. I interviewed people in the music space (some artists and producers) along with people with no musical background, just to have a diverse data set. I will have to do a lot more research and ideation in order to understand whether this a product that consumers will even want. I plan to conduct more marketing research and further analyse current technological trends in the music industry. This whole process and the work I am currently doing is very similar to what I have done in other Digital Humanities courses (specifically 101 and 199). There is a lot of research, data analysis, specification write-ups and product development done in my role, which is very similar to the group project I did in DH 101 (which emphasized teamwork and cross-functional collaboration).

I am using tools that we used in DH 101 like Tableau and Voyant Tools to analyse text and data. In fact, I have started creating Tableau visualizations based on the user surveys I have already sent out, just to make it easy for the team and I to see how users are thinking about my potential app and what other problems or pain points they currently have with other social and music apps, and in the music industry in general. I am obtaining a lot of actionable insights from this data analysis and visualization that will help me set KPIs and OKRs for this product, further building on a new data-driven product strategy. Moreover, I will have to create wireframes and later on prototypes for this product, which I also had experience with during DH 101. I definitely learnt a lot of practical skills in my Digital Humanities coursework that I am applying now in my internship!

Furthermore, I learnt about different types of machine learning algorithms during DH 199 as well as employing R and Python for data analysis. I am definitely grateful for that because I am able to apply that knowledge in industry. Understanding the AI music models and researching ways to improve them has definitely been challenging, since the idea that I am proposing requires a lot of work and innovation. Research and theories that I have done and proposed have definitely not yet matched with practice. From the little work I have done in trying to train my own music model in Python using various machine learning algorithms, this is definitely a very difficult problem to deal with. Musical data is much different to text or numbers, and requires so much more processing, even to just input it into the model without any modifications. From my experimentation so far, I have developed a few initial theories regarding how to do this, but I need to do a lot more research and reading, so that I can fully understand the nature of musical data and AI music models.

My internship duties and responsibilities

Questions I answer:
  • What is the meaningful work I am doing for the organisation?
  • How have I been oriented or trained to work there?
  • Who is my supervisor?
  • What is his or her training and experience in the field?
  • How often are you meeting with the supervisor?
  • What other staff members interact with me?
  • What is the climate and culture like, and how comfortable do I feel in my role there?

My first few weeks working at Adventure Corporation have been great. I have been working on creating a virtual hackathon focused on Music 3.0. I created a plan for the whole hackathon from start to end, in a structured manner. Thisflowchart that I created is how I thought about the hackathon from an initial point of view. I have had experience organising a hackathon before, so I used a lot of my previous experience to plan this one. This hackathon will have different tracks focused on blockchain / crypto, artificial intelligence and AR / VR. It will take place in late August and will be open to all students. I created this in order to build up brand awareness for the organisation as well as act as a recruiting tool and onboard the most innovative students into the company.

As I mentioned before, Mike (the founder) is my primary supervisor. He has been in this space for a long time and is very experienced. I am in constant contact with him over Slack and keep him updated on the progress of my projects (such as the hackathon). We use a platform called Whimsical to build and share out plans of our projects (as shown by this flowchart ). The orientation process was very simple. As a Product Management intern, I had to read a lot of articles around blockchain and cryptocurrency, especially around Ethereum, since this is the main platform we use. I have learnt a lot through this initial orientation process (did not have much previous exposure to these concepts) and received constant resources along the way from the rest of the team. Building a solid knowledge foundation is important before I start working on projects and products that use these emerging technologies.

I enjoy the flexibility of my work because I get to come up with my own projects and then build up the idea together with Mike and other members of the team before executing it. In fact, Mike was so pleased with my hackathon work that he created a whole channel in the Slack dedicated to it and put me in charge of running it. It was great that I could work on such a big project within my first few weeks as an intern, showcasing the amount of responsibility the organisation is willing to give new people at such an early stage.

I have interacted with a lot of the team (from other interns to product managers and engineers) but Mike is my main point of contact mostly for organisation related work. It has been nice knowing what other people have worked on though. The Slack community is very open, and everyone is always sharing updates about their work which is great. I enjoy the transparency within the organisation and am inspired by all the innovative projects that people are working on. Overall, the climate and culture of Adventure Corporation is great, and I am excited to do more work for the organisation. I am very comfortable in my current role and am looking to work on bigger things and create more impact.

Background on the organisation

(Adventure Corporation)

Questions I answer:
  • What is the history of the organisation?
  • How long has it been in existence?
  • How was it formed and by whom?
  • Who are the stakeholders and constituencies for the organisation?
  • What are the relevant technologies used or developed by this organisation?

Adventure Corporation was founded in 2017 by Michael Hoydich in Los Angeles. Mike (as he likes to be known as) has been involved with startups for a long time. He has always been interested in using new technologies and was an early internet pioneer. Over the years he has founded and run several startup companies and is a YCombinator alumni. Adventure Corporation (previously known as Adventure Pizza Incorporated, when it was founded) is his most recent company and he has been overseeing it over the last few years as founder and director.

Mike founded Adventure Corporation to pursue and create new ground-breaking projects and products using emerging technologies. It was founded at a time where emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, AR, VR, web technologies, blockchain and cryptocurrency were starting to grow and become integrated into our already technologically dominated lives. He wanted this organisation to focus on these technologies to get a head start on where he saw the future of technology heading. I have seen first hand the history of the organisation through our Slack channel by reading old messages and taking a look at archived projects.

Over time the organisation has pursued various projects in different areas, always shifting and adapting to current trends in the technology industry. People would come and go, doing their best to contribute to the organisation by building out platforms, widgets and other tools over the years. The alumni size of the organisation is over 200 people. From then, Mike has focused on recruiting more people and increasing brand awareness, leading to more developed internship programs that focus on learning and building out real projects. From learning to build web apps to reading about blockchain, interns and students learn a lot from their initial orientation process.

The organisation is united by a common goal: use new technologies to create interesting projects that could lead to bigger things. It is sort of like multiple startups in a startup. People can work on their own ideas, and get others on board, leading to more ownership and responsibility, even as an intern. Adventure Corporation started out as a B2B company, creating projects and products for other businesses to use but has shifted to a B2C oriented company over the last couple of years. I personally love this because this means I will get the chance to work on products that will be used by consumers and I can help create the best experience possible for them. The stakeholders are mostly internal, and we cater to other businesses and customers that are interested in products based on emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, AR, VR, web technologies, blockchain and cryptocurrency.

After using various technologies and creating a lot of projects, the company is currently focused on the music space. After speaking to the founder, I have a greater idea of why he wanted to take the organisation in that direction and focus on Music 3.0 (the next generation of music). This space and industry have a lot of potential for technological growth and I am happy to be working in it (because of my personal interest in music). I am looking forward to the products I will work on and create. I am also excited to see how much impact I can have both within the organisation and on our external stakeholders as well.


My expectations and why I chose to intern at Adventure Corporation

Questions I answer:
  • Why did I select this internship site?
  • What do I know about the organisation?
  • What do I hope to learn?
  • How does this internship fit with my major and/or my career plans?

I have always enjoyed working with people and using my creative problem solving skills to create positive impact. Over the last two years at UCLA, I have been going through a lot of personal and professional development and evaluated various career paths. The one that stood out to me and resonated with me the most was Product Management. I really love the interdisciplinary nature of the field and the ability to work cross-functionally with various teams to achieve the same goal. This is of course, creating the best possible for customers or users and generating value for all stakeholders. I decided to find and apply for internships in the PM space.

I was thrilled to receive an offer for a Project Management internship in the entertainment industry early in 2020. This would allow me to develop vital skills that are important and transferable for product management and expose to me a new industry. However, I lost my internship due to the pandemic. After rushing home for the summer, it was too late to find a good internship at a big company, and the time zone difference made working remote hard. But I persevered, knowing that I wanted to gain experience doing an internship. I believe that any experience is good experience, regardless of what it is. Even with the support from the UCLA Career Center and the Chancellor’s LINK (Leadership, Innovation, Networking and Knowledge) program, it was getting to late June and I still had not secured any internship.

But my perseverance paid off! After searching for and applying to many start-ups (who are more flexible), I managed to find Adventure Corporation. I applied for their Product Management Intern role and got an email back from the founder a few days later, who was interested in my background and experience. I created a mind map about me, showing my skills and interests (this can be seen on the Home page) as an initial project. As a sophomore, he found my qualifications impressive and invited me to join his team. This was how I ended up working at Adventure Corporation (previously known as Adventure Pizza), in a remote manner.

I am happy to be a part of the team because the start-up environment is very different from the corporate environment, and I know it will be an enlightening experience for me. The organisation is quite small in terms of number of employees, but they are working on very innovative projects using emerging technologies. As of now, I know that the organisation is a product development studio focused on building up a variety of projects and educating interns on various topics raging from blockchain to web development. I hope to get a lot of hands-on experience and learn about new technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrency. But most of all I want to develop my product management skills through this internship. This is a great opportunity and it really aligns with my career path. Specifically, this internship relates to both Computer Science and Digital Humanities (the subjects I study at UCLA) well. I know that I will get to look at problems from both creative human-oriented and logical/analytical perspectives.