Background on the organisation

(Adventure Corporation)

Questions I answer:
  • What is the history of the organisation?
  • How long has it been in existence?
  • How was it formed and by whom?
  • Who are the stakeholders and constituencies for the organisation?
  • What are the relevant technologies used or developed by this organisation?

Adventure Corporation was founded in 2017 by Michael Hoydich in Los Angeles. Mike (as he likes to be known as) has been involved with startups for a long time. He has always been interested in using new technologies and was an early internet pioneer. Over the years he has founded and run several startup companies and is a YCombinator alumni. Adventure Corporation (previously known as Adventure Pizza Incorporated, when it was founded) is his most recent company and he has been overseeing it over the last few years as founder and director.

Mike founded Adventure Corporation to pursue and create new ground-breaking projects and products using emerging technologies. It was founded at a time where emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, AR, VR, web technologies, blockchain and cryptocurrency were starting to grow and become integrated into our already technologically dominated lives. He wanted this organisation to focus on these technologies to get a head start on where he saw the future of technology heading. I have seen first hand the history of the organisation through our Slack channel by reading old messages and taking a look at archived projects.

Over time the organisation has pursued various projects in different areas, always shifting and adapting to current trends in the technology industry. People would come and go, doing their best to contribute to the organisation by building out platforms, widgets and other tools over the years. The alumni size of the organisation is over 200 people. From then, Mike has focused on recruiting more people and increasing brand awareness, leading to more developed internship programs that focus on learning and building out real projects. From learning to build web apps to reading about blockchain, interns and students learn a lot from their initial orientation process.

The organisation is united by a common goal: use new technologies to create interesting projects that could lead to bigger things. It is sort of like multiple startups in a startup. People can work on their own ideas, and get others on board, leading to more ownership and responsibility, even as an intern. Adventure Corporation started out as a B2B company, creating projects and products for other businesses to use but has shifted to a B2C oriented company over the last couple of years. I personally love this because this means I will get the chance to work on products that will be used by consumers and I can help create the best experience possible for them. The stakeholders are mostly internal, and we cater to other businesses and customers that are interested in products based on emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, AR, VR, web technologies, blockchain and cryptocurrency.

After using various technologies and creating a lot of projects, the company is currently focused on the music space. After speaking to the founder, I have a greater idea of why he wanted to take the organisation in that direction and focus on Music 3.0 (the next generation of music). This space and industry have a lot of potential for technological growth and I am happy to be working in it (because of my personal interest in music). I am looking forward to the products I will work on and create. I am also excited to see how much impact I can have both within the organisation and on our external stakeholders as well.


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