My internship duties and responsibilities

Questions I answer:
  • What is the meaningful work I am doing for the organisation?
  • How have I been oriented or trained to work there?
  • Who is my supervisor?
  • What is his or her training and experience in the field?
  • How often are you meeting with the supervisor?
  • What other staff members interact with me?
  • What is the climate and culture like, and how comfortable do I feel in my role there?

My first few weeks working at Adventure Corporation have been great. I have been working on creating a virtual hackathon focused on Music 3.0. I created a plan for the whole hackathon from start to end, in a structured manner. Thisflowchart that I created is how I thought about the hackathon from an initial point of view. I have had experience organising a hackathon before, so I used a lot of my previous experience to plan this one. This hackathon will have different tracks focused on blockchain / crypto, artificial intelligence and AR / VR. It will take place in late August and will be open to all students. I created this in order to build up brand awareness for the organisation as well as act as a recruiting tool and onboard the most innovative students into the company.

As I mentioned before, Mike (the founder) is my primary supervisor. He has been in this space for a long time and is very experienced. I am in constant contact with him over Slack and keep him updated on the progress of my projects (such as the hackathon). We use a platform called Whimsical to build and share out plans of our projects (as shown by this flowchart ). The orientation process was very simple. As a Product Management intern, I had to read a lot of articles around blockchain and cryptocurrency, especially around Ethereum, since this is the main platform we use. I have learnt a lot through this initial orientation process (did not have much previous exposure to these concepts) and received constant resources along the way from the rest of the team. Building a solid knowledge foundation is important before I start working on projects and products that use these emerging technologies.

I enjoy the flexibility of my work because I get to come up with my own projects and then build up the idea together with Mike and other members of the team before executing it. In fact, Mike was so pleased with my hackathon work that he created a whole channel in the Slack dedicated to it and put me in charge of running it. It was great that I could work on such a big project within my first few weeks as an intern, showcasing the amount of responsibility the organisation is willing to give new people at such an early stage.

I have interacted with a lot of the team (from other interns to product managers and engineers) but Mike is my main point of contact mostly for organisation related work. It has been nice knowing what other people have worked on though. The Slack community is very open, and everyone is always sharing updates about their work which is great. I enjoy the transparency within the organisation and am inspired by all the innovative projects that people are working on. Overall, the climate and culture of Adventure Corporation is great, and I am excited to do more work for the organisation. I am very comfortable in my current role and am looking to work on bigger things and create more impact.

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